Art by Nelson Host Santiago
Art by Nelson Host Santiago


Nelson Host Santiago, a New York City native, deeply rooted in his Puerto Rican heritage, was born in Spanish Harlem and raised in the Bronx.


Nelson discerned his innate artistic talent at the tender age of four when one of his uncles introduced him to a series of comic books. It was love at first sight! Influenced by colorful images depicting various superheroes, he began drawing, sketching, and painting, producing his earliest works without any formal training. Shortly thereafter, Nelson became captivated by urban hip hop culture and immersed himself into the world of graffiti art. It was at this time that “Host One” emerged unto the cityscape. Throughout the following decade, Nelson, aka Host One, actively engaged in Wild Style pieces as well as a street bombing on a myriad of metropolitan “canvases”.


After a lengthy hiatus, during which time he focused solely on his family, Nelson reappeared on the art scene. He embraced Live Art Performance as a new form of collective artistic expression. Nelson has since graced many a venue and participated in a variety of gallery shows. He is currently active in live painting events for The Melting Pot at El Fogon in the Bronx, El Barrio Pinta at Camaradas in Spanish Harlem, and The Collage Movement at the DL Lounge in the Lower East Side, among others. Nelson is also a featured artist in RAW Artists and see |me aka ART TAKES TIMES SQUARE.


In addition to his artistic engagements, Nelson revels in the process of encouraging art enthusiasts; he provides tools and demonstrates techniques thereby empowering them to explore diverse creative outlets and uncover their own inherent capabilities. In light of his passion and willingness to share his artistic skills, Nelson has been invited as a guest artist by Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx to lead an art therapy workshop for young cancer patients. His most recent work has been with the Artists Creative Theater, teaching art classes to youth in Brooklyn. Nelson welcomes each and every opportunity to be an integral part of the effort to serve the community.

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