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Thank You Supporters


I would like to take this time to express my gratitude and appreciation to some of the people who made this site possible. 



I’ve met so many beautiful people and amazing artists who support me and I them.(Erica Schmerica, Chris Diaz, Masa, Brain Kirhagis, Danielle Mastrion, Lexi Bella and so many others) 



I would like to thank Cyn Darling, Sandra Guzman, Lizzy Dimple, Binks Whobutme, Teddy Adolphe, Angie LM Vasquez, Albert TainoImage Areizaga and Eddie Soto for the wonderful photos you have blessed me with. You are all amazing artists and I am in awe of your talent.



To Jacklyn Rosa from Artists Creative Theater who granted me the opportunity to teach an ongoing weekend art class for youth in Brooklyn. Witnessing the excitement with which the kids approach their artistic assignments makes me look forward to Saturdays. Can't thank you enough. You're awesome. Love u.



To Savior El Mundo from The Collage Movement. I appreciate your constant support and for choosing me to be among the first artists to paint live when the movement began. Four years later, The Collage Movement has become a staple in the live painting realm. Your visionary dream has given so many of us the opportunity to showcase our talent and build with each other to take live painting to another level. You deserve all the credit due. Thank you, brother.



Mia Roman Hernandez. You are talented on so many levels. I am in awe of how you can do so much and still help others, including me. I can't thank you enough for including me in the Femicide Project and for the continued support. I’m truly blessed to have you in my life.

Patty Rodriguez. What can I say other than you believed in me from inception and supported anything and everything I was involved with. Latin Patty'O is still my favorite blog site and always will be.


Randy Quiles. Thank you so much for all you do. Rebelution Ink is one of my favorite places and my first stop in Brooklyn always. Your support for all of us in the art community is second to none. You rock, brother.


Roz Baron Thank you for the love you gave me on your blog and for the continued support. It truly is Roz and the City.


Julissa Rodriguez I truly admire your drive and passion for the arts at such an early age. I will never forget the events you invited me to participate in at El Fogon. I appreciate you always looking out for me. Love you!


Liz Marotti. You are an amazing artist and an even more amazing friend. As much of a fan that I am of your art, I am more a fan of the person you are. Thank you so much for the great advice you bestow upon me always, and thank you also for assisting me in making my artwork more visible to the public.


Giannina Gutierrez, Thank you for your constant support and for creating such a valuable art movement in Spanish Harlem. El Barrio Pinta is and always will be an assortment of great artists, great people and even greater love; the vibe is irreplicable. You, Gia, are an exceptional artist. Xoxo.

Maria Rodriguez. Amazingly talented poet and friend. I am eternally grateful for the privilege of assisting you with the design of the cover for your very first poetry book. The first of many I am sure. I was humbled by your request and painting the original canvas was my all time favorite project. You truly are a beautiful soul.


Marthalicia Matarrita, You are a phenomenal artist and an outstanding human being. When we first me, although you barely knew me, your willingness to introduce me to my first live art event spoke volumes. You were instrumental in showing me the ropes and I will always be grateful for your invitation to participate in The Artist Process. I owe my growth as an artist to you, but more importantly, I made a friend for life. Thank you for everything you have done for me as well as all of the other artists who are fortunate to have your influence in their lives. You and your brothers are amazingly talented people, but you, Marthalicia, you have my heart.



Kim Possible Andino. So many things to say here, I don't even know where to start. As crazy as you drive me, you are one of my best friends. You are so many things rolled up into one. From the day I bet you I could teach you how to paint, you've been rolling with me from art event to art event. You are an avid supporter of my craft, a constant inspiration, a hustler like no other. You have duly earned your moniker "Maria I don't Play". Thank you for writing my bio and for pitching in to help whenever you saw a need. Thank you also for the shared flicking nail filings in my car...the long, drawn out conversations full of advice I never follow...the french toast brunches during which you have proven that some women can eat like football players...and the list goes on. We have shared laughs that will last a lifetime. I feel like I’ve known you all my life and I am truly blessed to call you my friend. Love you!



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